Hi sweeties! Just stopping by to tell you that I’m leaving for Vietnam today, and that I probably wont me able to update that much, if anything at all. I’ll be gone untill may 1th, so I hope you can be patient and not unfollow me for being such a bad blogger the upcoming days! I’ll be back soon! Take care :) xx

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I think you're beautiful (:

Aw, thank you so much, anon! I think you are amazing! :-)

l3anmachine asked:
Hey chicka I came across your blog. I wanted 2 say that You look incredible. Congrats on the progress! Stay strong & eat healthy & the rest will come!

Aw, thank you so so much, sweety! You just made my day:-) xx

Anonymous asked:
regarding your trip to Viet: Sweetheart, listen… A few days of binging won’t destroy you body. He will notice your mood better than the fact that you’ve eaten candy. He sees the beauty in your personality too, not only your (stunning!) body. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m learning to do that, too. Life is life - we all make mistakes and binge sometimes, even before holiday trips. You can overcome this. It's all mental. Ha det bra. -byeexcess

Thank you so much, sweetheart. I’ve just have to make the best of it, but I wish I could feel abit better with how I look, but to hell with it. I’m going to Vietnam with an amazing man so, it’s probably gonna rock anyway… But thank you so much for making me feel better :-) xx

Anonymous asked:
maybe you should cut the sweets until Monday and drink lots of water and stay away from breads. plus ab and leg work might help. best wishes on your travels xx

Thank you! I’ll do my best :-) xx

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