Okay, I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. I FUCKING HATE EASTER! There… Why? Well I’ve been binging on alot of candy lately, and my diet is totally out of controll. I feel fatter than ever, and you wanna know the worst part? I’m leaving for Vietnam on monday, with a boy I really, really like, and I have to look my best. And now? I look like a fucking whale.. Oh my fucking god a hate my terrible will-power, and that I’m such a sucker for chocolate. I’m weak. And fat. Oh my god so fat. I’m NOT bikini-ready, and I feel terrible :-( He have to think that I look good, and now, I’ve ruined everything! Fuck…


Ear phones in, treadmill on, zoned out… No better feeling.

(via luxedolls)

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